Monthly Spearfishing Report September 2009


Rather a windy month with plenty of small westerly fronts coming up from the Cape. Water temperatures getting as low as seventeen degrees celsius which is cold for the Natal coastal waters. A number of diveable days in mediocre visibility and day time land temperatures ranging from thirty five celsius down to fourteen. Could this be the global warming phenomenon that is affecting the Earth? If so summer could be a hot one and hopefully with it warm seas that will bring in lots of gamefish.


The late sardine run providing shore divers with action with snoek being taken on the north coast and garrick on the south coast. Too late for any cuda to be with these pockets but surprised no grunter being landed in the sardine action. Number one reef off Durban providing spearos with good catches of reef fish with some daga salmon being taken too. Deep Scottburgh a bit quiet in the cold water but still lots of fish about if you look in the caves. Some black steenbras being seen and October is one of the prime months for these exciting fish. South pier producing some good catches when construction work is not in progress and you are able to dive.

Launch Site Stats 2005

In 2005 there were thirty registered launch sites on the KZN coastline that statistics were gathered from. Unfortunately the stats for the Durban Ski-boat base launch though included did not have all the launches noted as it is probably one of the busiest launches on the coast. Sodwana bay clocked up the most launches for the year with 10366 followed by Shelly Beach with 4369, Umkomaas 4077, Vetch’s Pier ( Durban Ski-boat) 3222 and Cape Vidal 3197. A total of 42335 launches were recorded for the 2005 year along the KZN coastline. Interesting to note that of the ten thousand odd launches at Sodwana Bay only 1% was for spearfishing. The same low numbers percent wise for Cape Vidal with only 2% of launches for spearfishing with 92% for fishing.

East Coast Rock Lobster

October is the last month of the season for the east coast rock lobster with the season re-opening on the 1 March of the following year. A number of criminal cases pending against poachers who have been caught by the nature conservation services with over the limit catches and one guy caught using a jet-ski. With the stiff fines being imposed and getting your name published in the newspapers the clever option is to stick to the rules.

Safe diving, John.