Monthly Spearfishing Report September 2006

Monthly Report – September 2006


Some big blows coming up from the Cape over this period with coastal winds gusting up to 40 Knots at times and making for unsettled sea conditions. September seems to be a winter month now with snow falls on the Berg and some very cold days on the escarpment. Plenty of cold water about that would have been suitable for the sardines if they were still around but unfortunately they are long gone.


A quiet month as far as spearfishing goes with not many fish landed. The odd garrick coming out but gamefish are generally scarce along the Natal coast at this time of year. Still good bags of bottoms being taken on the deeper reefs with number one off Durban producing some good bags as is Deep Scottburgh.

Sharks Board Report

The Natal Sharks Board check the sharks nets placed at bathing beaches right along the Natal coast on a daily basis. This is from Richards Bay in the north to Port Edward in the south. Each Sharks Board team checks the water visibility out at the nets by lowering a weighted line into the water. Current and fish action are also recorded and these results can be accessed by phoning the Sharks Board on 031-5660400 and following the prompts. The info is normally in by 10:00. For those of you wanting to check the results on the internet, the following link will take you there.


Greg Bissett reports that the Coffee Bay area on the Transkei coast was very diveable on a recent trip to this renowned spearfishing spot. Six to eight metre viz and swimable surf being ideal conditions for spearfishing along this very fishy coastline. Plenty of bronze bream and tassels in the white water with Greg managing to land a silver steenbras (cracker) in the 12 to 15kg mark and missing a chance on a medium sized daga salmon. This time of year is the best period for the big cracker that can be found from the white water right out to the deeper reefs. The Border open spearfishing competition, held at Hole in the Wall along the Transkei coast, is on the weekend September 22,23,24 but owing to limitations on the launch site, the competition is closed to further entries with only 30 spearos allowed.

Cape Vidal

Worth the trip if the windy conditions abate and you can get a days spearing in. Still some big cuda around together with plenty of Queen mackerel when conditions are right.

Charter Boat Deaths

One of the charter boats operating out of the Shelly Beach launch flipped recently in big surf whilst launching. One of the deceased was the captain who dived underneath the capsized boat to rescue someone. He got caught up in his hooks and was unable to free himself in time.

Boat Launch Site Report

The South African Association for Marine Biological Research has recently released data on the boat launch site survey for KZN for 2005. The most used launch is Sodwana Bay with launches taking place every day of the year and totaling over 10 000. We will be putting up an article on the site detailing some of the trends with regard to spearfishing that have come to light from this report courtesy of Pierre Pradervand of SAAMBR.

Safe diving, John.