Monthly Spearfishing Report September 2004

Monthly Report – September 2004

Mozambique News

News from Southern Mozambique is that the wahoo have arrived with Barry Skinstad landing a beauty of 38kg. The weather has been quite windy though with not that many good diving days. The settled weather conditions start towards the end of November. The Pemba area has also had a fair amount of wind lately with some greenish water inshore, but the yellowfin tuna are starting to make an appearance, and with the good weather months starting next month, this is the place to be. This area has an entirely different weather pattern to southern Mozambique and is influenced by the trade winds.

Late Winter Fronts

September is characterized by the big fronts that come up from the Cape with summer changing to winter on a regular basis. The weather can be full summer with temperatures in the thirties, and the next day winter like conditions can be experienced, with snow on the Berg sending icy winds sweeping down over KwaZulu-Natal. These westerly fronts push clean water inshore along the lower south coast and the Shelly beach to Port Edward stretch can have some very good conditions after these big blows. The Tinley manor/Jex area is also one to watch during this period with diveable water to be found often along this stretch.

Fish Wise

A slow month spearing wise with the big winds making for undiveable conditions so not much to report on. Still some good bags of bottoms coming out from the Hibberdene/Mtwalume area with the odd garrick landed aswell. The Bluff can be a good spot to dive about now with plenty of brusher congregating in this area. You do not need the best viz to hunt these fish so even marginal conditions are worth a look.

North Pier to go

The entrance to Durban Harbour is being widened by 100m to accommodate the bigger container ships that are in use today. This means that the North Pier, a favourite haunt of many anglers, together with the cluster of restaurants and shops that enjoy this prime location, are going to be demolished. The new pier will have stricter security controls in line with todays terrorist threat, and will be a no go area. I hope all the lobsters, eels and other fish life that have made the North Pier their home will have the sense to move once the demolition starts.


Martin Victor reports that some good-sized brusher (silver steenbras) up to 14kg have been coming out along this stretch of coast. Some kob landed aswell, and with the border open spearfishing competition being held in October at Hole-in-the-Wall, good catches should be the order of the day. For more information on this contact Darren Hanner on 0832652973.

Safe diving, John.