Monthly Spearfishing Report September 2001

September 2001

September has once again turned out to be a bad month for spearfishing here in Kwazulu Natal. The windy conditions together with some heavy spring rains have made inshore conditions mostly undiveable. The average inshore water temps are around 20c with pockets of colder water to be found, courtesy of all the snow that killed thousands of cattle in the interior. Aliwal water temps have been around 22c with some 15-20m viz on the good days. Expect 10-12m then you will not be disappointed. There has been some wahoo action in the north east pinnacle area with some big daggas coming out from the wrecks. This is also a good time of year for sea pike as they congregate in big shoals out at aliwal. The black musselcracker move into the deep cracker area this time of year and some have already been shot in this area. You need to be wide awake to bag one of these fish. There are lots of reef fish to be found on the deep scottburgh stretch if you know some spots with good structure that provides caves for the fish to hide in. When diving this area it helps if you have two marker buoys on the boat so that you can mark a specific drift if the current is running. This can save a lot of time. Shelly beach inshore spots have been undiveable, but this area will have lots of fish when water conditions allow. You need a big west to turn the current which will push cleaner water inshore. Cape vidal has been producing some snoek and cuda when the wind conditions allow. Three spearfishermen at sodwana bay got caught with a secret hatch full of reef fish, 50+. As this is a gamefish only area, these guys are probably in for big trouble. With the stiffer penalties for poaching and the chance of being locked up in the cells for a night or two, there must come a time when the rewards no longer justify the possibility of being caught.

October is the month when the north easterlies really get up to speed, so shore divers especially can expect a bad month. At the beginning of september it was getting light by 0600 and at the end it is light by 0530. Amazing how quickly it changes as summer arrives. By november it will be light by 0445. safe diving. john.