Monthly Spearfishing Report October 2005

Monthly Report – October 2005


A very unsettled month wind wise with south westerly fronts coming up from the cape on a regular basis and north easterly winds filling-in the gaps between. Continuous winds like this make for bumpy seas and generally poor visibility. The month started with top to bottom visibility along most of the Natal coast with plenty of fish about and good bags of fish landed by shore and boat divers. Unfortunately not much spearfishing took place after this and most spearos were shore-bound for the rest of the month.

Fish Wise

Still some daga salmon about on the wrecks so these spots could be productive if conditions allow. Some big brusher (silver steenbras) caught by anglers at Umhlanga and on the south coast so rocky stretches of the coast should be worth a look. Deep Scottburgh still producing good bags of bottoms with clean water moving in with the south westerly winds. Big natal snoek (queen mackerel) taken on the north coast along the La Mercy stretch towards the end of the month, but conditions generally not favourable for these fish.

Great White Sharks

A great white shark was responsible for the recent attack on a Kayaker at Fish Hoek with the 4m shark biting the red nose of the kayak. The recent two fatal attacks in False Bay have made divers very wary of the area with concerns that a rogue shark might be responsible for both attacks. The front page picture in the Cape Argus showing four whites close inshore between Muisenberg and Fish Hoek is food for thought. Great whites move closer inshore during the summer period.

Death Of a Spearfisherman

The recent tragic death of well known Mozambican spearfisherman, Allan Donald, brings home the dangers of the sport. Allan operated in the Vilankulos area where he managed a lodge. When he failed to come up from a dive, an extensive search was launched and he was eventually found lying on the bottom. He most probably suffered a shallow water black-out and our condolences go to his family and friends.

Tuna off Cape Point

The tuna are starting to show off Cape Point and some big ones have already been landed with one of 87kg landed recently. Despite the fact that there is a lot of burley in the water and you are a long way out to sea, sharks do not seem to be a big problem. A few makos and blues have been sighted but great white sharks have not been a problem as yet. The weather plays a big part in the successful hunting of these fish and generally calm conditions are needed for the long ride and for the safety aspect.

Safe diving, John.