Monthly Spearfishing Report October 2004

Monthly report – October 2004

News from Natal

Not much happening along this stretch of coast with the water temps still down and few fish about. The brusher run looks to be a good one with some good fish landed but most of the deeper reefs are fairly quiet. The rock lobster season is now over and most divers will be looking forward to the start of the cuda run in early January. There was a pre-season run of these fish off Aliwal Shoal with some fishing boats landing some of these fish. This is normal for this time of year.

Aliwal Shoal

Not much happening out here yet with marginal viz most days and few gamefish about. The shoal comes alive in December when the warm Mozambique current pushes in over the shoal and gamefish of every variety move in. Something to look forward to.


News on the grape vine is that the new fish regulations are to be implemented in the New Year. If this happens it will mean a maximum of ten fish per day per diver. This will mean targeting bigger fish to maximize your catch and will give the smaller fish a break.

Cape News

Plenty of yellowfin tuna action off Cape Point with some really big fish in the 100kg mark coming out. Lots of good hunting along the Southern Cape coast with some excellent sized brusher coming out up to 17kgs. The recreational crayfish season in the Cape has been extended to include the Easter holidays, which is good news for the holiday makers.

Sodwana Bay

Reports from here are of water temps around 21 to 23 degrees C with mostly greenish water about but still plenty of gamefish about on the far north reefs past Island Rock. Cuda up to 15kgs being taken together with some fair sized ignoblis kingfish. No wahoo about as yet with few if any green jobfish seen. The fishermen targeting marlin in this area are having a fair amount of success with some big black marlin taken.

St Lazaro Banks

The St Lazaro Banks is situated 42 nautical miles off the coast of Mozambique in the northern most province of Cabo Delgado. They fall within the Quirimbas National Park and cover an area of roughly 30 square kilometers. At their shallowest they come to within 8m of the surface and are home to an amazing variety of gamefish. This includes marlin, dogtooth tuna with one of 72kgs shot here recently, wahoo, sailfish, ignoblis, jobfish, cuda, yellowfin tuna. The visibility this far out to sea is normally crystal clear and it is the sort of place that spearfishermen dream about. A group of local spearfishermen will be there from the 1 December for 6 days and we will have a full write-up of the trip with plenty of pictures on the site.

Safe diving, John.