Monthly Spearfishing Report November 2009


Still unsettled wind wise with strong onshore winds making for bumpy sea conditions and the westerly fronts not really bringing in the warm blue water as yet. A big mix of very cold days and then very hot days getting up to the high thirties celsius. A lot of rain mid month with all the rivers on the south coast flowing strongly and most of that area sporting dirty brown seas. Sea temperatures reaching 22 celsius according to readings taken by Sharks Board but still some very cold water about.  Aliwal recorded at 16 celsius one of the days during the month which is unseasonably cold for this time of year.


A lot of fish about if you find diveable water as the temperatures begin to rise making for a lot more fish activity. Garrick being taken on both the north and south coast but the run was very poor again this year with regard to spearfishing even though I heard of some good catches being made by anglers. The South Pier at Durban harbour really turning on when conditions are right and good catches of kingfish, garrick and cracker being taken. It seems to work best when there is a bit of a swell running and diving there is not so easy. Only the odd cuda taken with very few fish seen and no real pre-run to speak of.

Sodwana Bay

Some of the Midlands spearos enjoying exciting spearfishing at this gamefish only destination recently. Danie van hyssteens landing a marlin in the eighty kilogram range with Craig Harper managing two decent sized sailfish and deciding not to take an iffy shot on an estimated two hundred kilogram black marlin. Greg Audie landing two cuda both in the twenty kilogram range which are good fish by anyone’s reckoning.

National Spearfishing Championships 2010

The dates for the Nationals in 2010 are 3 to 7 May. 3 and 4 will be open individuals days and the 6 and 7 will be team competition days. Competition areas will be decided nearer the time. The base will be Durban Undersea Club located on the beach at the point development. May is normally a fairly settled month wind-wise and hopefully conditions will be good without the unseasonable rain that we had last year spoiling the inshore seas.


Weather still a bit unsettled which is normal for this time of year. Worth the trip though if you get reasonable weather as the cuda action is extreme with big shoals of cuda up in the Barra area. The recent shark attack in the Vilanculos area and the subsequent airlift out by lear jet of the victim highlights the need for adequate medical insurance. This guy was lucky to be a member of DAN and it is something worth thinking about if you go to Mozambique a lot. They offer a short term cover in multiples of 5 days but you would need to check that spearfishing is not outside their cover options. The road works for the first 100km north of Xai Xai making for dangerous driving conditions. Reports of drivers having to turn off the road to avoid big logging trucks so be careful if you are going up for the Christmas break.

Safe diving, John.