Monthly Spearfishing Report November 2006

Monthly Report – November 2006


The sea temperatures are starting to warm up with sharks board reporting between 22 and 23.8 celsius along much of the inshore coast. The summer gamefish prefer the warmer water and this is what is needed for them to come inshore. Basie Ackermann reports that Aliwal Shoal turns on when the water temperature is around 24 celsius. Reasonable water on the deeper reefs like Deep Scottburgh after the southerly blows but the strong north easterlies generally dropping the viz when they get up to speed.


As can be seen from the first trial results some early season cuda about which is a bonus in any comp. Big snoek [queen mackerel] on the north coast with Tinley and Umdloti working well. Garrick coming out on the north coast but spots like Umzumbe Point and Ifafa on the south coast definitely worth a look. Summer gamefish run starting to come to life which bodes well for the season.

First KZN Trial

The first joint Kwazulu Natal trial was hosted by Southern Natal on the 4 November and was dived on Deep Scottburgh. Visibility was fair with 20 foot plus on the bottom but this deteriorated as soon as the north easterly started to blow at 11:00. There was a strong south-north current that was un-swimable as soon as you were on the deeper reefs, this died down later in the day. Plenty of fish about in the strong current but awkward to dive the spots in the current and worsening viz with some hungry sharks providing some added excitement. The full results are elsewhere on the site.

Spearfishing Clubs

Thanks to the readers who sent in the info about the other dive clubs devoted solely to the sport of spearfishing. Stupid of me to forget the Saltrock Spearfishing Club based in Salt Rock on the north coast. Other clubs are Hugonote Spearfishing Club and Bonito Spearfishing Club both based in the Cape.

Cape Vidal

This Zululand spot working well for big snoek and the odd cuda. Craig Harper was there mid November and managed some 10kg snoek off shallow Oscar. The cuda run should start in earnest in January with lots of shoal size cuda passing through this area on their journey south.

Aliwal Shoal

Basie Ackermann reports that the Shoal is really starting to show promise with lots of sailfish, wahoo and dorado about when the water temperature is around 24c. A north south current is needed and drifts are started up current from the northeast pinnacle. You are not allowed to spear within the 25m depth line on Aliwal Shoal and this is something that spearfishermen need to be aware of.

Safe diving, John.