Monthly Spearfishing Report November 2005

Monthly Report – November 2005


Still plenty of westerly fronts traveling up the coast from the Cape and together with the big north easterly winds that we have been experiencing, conditions have not been good. Quite a bit of rain has fallen along the Eastern Cape coast and reaching up into Southern Natal. Good news for the farmers but generally makes for poor inshore conditions along the Natal coast.

Fish News

The paddle-ski fishermen are getting yellowfin tuna off Umdloti and have been beaching with some good catches. The odd garrick being landed on the north coast with the lower south coast probably the place to be for these fish. No reports of any early season cuda as yet but some of the hot spots such as Salt Rock might be worth a look if diveable water is about.

Cape Vidal

The paddle-ski fishermen have been getting a lot of snoek south of the lighthouse with the odd sailfish landed as well. Weather conditions have not been ideal with the north east up on a number of days. Spearos going up to Leven Point have not been very successful with hardly any fish landed with no current the main problem. Water temperatures are up but still some cold water about on the bottom. This spot should come alive in December.

Mozambique news

I was up in the Inhambane area for the first two weeks of November diving the deep reefs off Barra point. Some of these pinnacles are 30km out to sea and make for fantastic spearfishing. Deep blue water with lots of fish action with the feeling that something big is about to swim into sight makes for great diving. Good to see some sharks returning to the deep spots with no long liners evident this trip anyway. Saw two manta rays being hassled by a shark in what seemed a territorial dispute.

Bad Vibes

The scuba operators from Barra Lodge, and Diversity divers based in Tofu, showed what monkeys they are by making a nuisance of themselves and interfering with other sea users. Both these operations hassled us out at sea by diving on our buoys and bringing the water police out on their rubber duck. What wankers. It is ignorant and arrogant people such as these that the sport of scuba diving does not need.

Road Repairs

The EN1 highway going north from Maputo has seen some major upgrades and is virtually good road all the way to Lindela, at the Inhambane turn-off. Makes for a pleasant drive but unfortunately the police manning the road checks seem to become more corrupt and blatant with each passing trip. This is a major problem and needs to be sorted out at diplomatic levels. It will definitely put a lot of people off being blatantly ripped-off as these corrupt policemen are want to do.

Natal Trials

The Natal trials scheduled for Saturday 19 November were cancelled due to rough sea conditions. Some of the bigger boats launched however and found 15m visibility and fair spearing conditions with most spearos landing their quota. The alternate date was the 26 November with the trial taking place at Shelly Beach. Despite good morning conditions, there were very few entrants with only 3 boats making the trip down, which was disappointing. The conditions were good with a flat sea and vis up to 10m in places. However the fish were a bit scarce with a thermocline on the bottom, the usual spots were not as fishy as expected. All boats seemed to be scratching their way to 10 fish each when some big swell moved in from the South and trashed the vis out to 80ft with the strong surge. This effectively ended the day’s diving for everyone making the last 2-3hrs un-diveable. . Fish of the day was Graham Carlisle’s 7.5kg yellow belly .The results are listed below.

  1. Graham Carlisle 100%
  2. John Girzda 81.4%
  3. Craig Heslop 67.95%
  4. Gerard Vosloo 63.9%
  5. Owen Tessendorf 41.7%
  6. JP 30%

Diving Watches

Two spearos that I dive with regularly have both recently started to dive with depth measuring watches. These watches are amazing in that they store every detail of your days diving including each individual dive as well as accumulated bottom time and top time. As a safety measure they are equally important clearly showing you your depth and elapsed bottom time. This type of technical gadget is a must for all serious spearos and will improve your diving greatly.

Master Spearo Board

In the early nineties Mark Richter and myself set-up the master spearo board at Wahoo Diving Club, a club expressly for spearfishermen. It is similar to the gamefish merit board that is run on this web site with the weights slightly less and different fish species required. Over the years there has been much interest amongst spearos at Wahoo Club to try and spear all the required fish, not an easy task. Len de Beer, a Springbok and Twice National champion has finally succeeded in mastering the Master Spearo Board. Truly a Master spearo, well done Len.

Safe diving, John.