Monthly Spearfishing Report November 2004

Monthly report – October 2004

Good Spearfishing Conditions

Despite a poor start to the month with rough seas and bad visibility, conditions improved dramatically with some blue Mozambique water pushing in on the middle south coast. The 80-foot viz made for excellent diving conditions and some spearos managed good catches. The water temperatures are starting to warm up with the Sharks Board reporting temperatures around 23 C at the end of the month, which should attract the fish to the inshore reefs. Still some cold green water to be found out deep along sections of the coast with few if any fish about in these conditions. The early season rains have been dismal in KwaZulu-Natal and many of the dam levels are very low which could necessitate water restrictions for much of the Province.

Fair Hunting

Return garrick still to be found on both the north and south coasts with some of the garrick specialists beaching with good catches, and with plenty of white musselcracker in the white water, point diving is a good option. Some early season cuda being taken on the north coast with some good sized fish coming out up to 15kgs. The drop-off at Salt Rock might be worth a dive if you are in the area. Big shoals of Cape yellowtail lurking about on the south coast with fish up to 20kgs being speared. According to the ski-boat fishermen, the shoals of smaller fish from 3 to 6kgs that congregate on Protea and Launders, have not arrived yet but both these spots should be worth a visit soon.

Cape Vidal and Sodwana Bay

These gamefish only resorts on the northern coast of KwaZulu-Natal should provide spearos with some good hunting and with December being a hot balmy month, spearos can expect plenty of action. Reports from Cape Vidal are of plenty of gamefish about with snoek, sailfish and dorado making up catches. 70km further up the coast, Sodwana Bay offers boat divers many options with some of the reefs past Island Rock offering superb spearing. If you are traveling as far as Kosi Bay be sure to check with the authorities in the area about the sanctuary near Banga Nek.

Spearfishing Trials

Trials will be starting in January for the KwaZulu-Natal spearos wishing to contest spots for the 3 teams to take part in the National Championships. Nationals are being hosted by Southern KwaZulu-Natal in 2005 and the proposed area is Hibberdene to Port Edward. With the natal spearos enjoying hometown advantage hopefully there will be a big turnout for the trials. Jean Pierre Kroll is the new spearfishing officer for KwaZulu-Natal.

Aliwal Shoal

No fireworks as yet but scuba divers report salmon on the wrecks still, so this might be an option. Plenty of controversy about the new user regulations for Aliwal Shoal but will report on this when everything has been finalized.

Pemba, Northern Mozambique

Good weather experienced in this part of Mozambique over the latter half of November with the odd thundershower to cool things down a bit. Plenty of action gamefish wise and any spearos venturing to this gamefish paradise should be in for some excellent spearing.

Safe diving, John.