Monthly Spearfishing Report May 2008

Monthly Report – May 2008


Settled weather along the Natal coast with no major blows due to the fact that no big fronts have hit the Cape. The big westerly fronts not only have strong westerly winds but also cause strong north-easterly winds to blow down the coast towards the low pressure associated with the front. The inshore visibility has not been great and we need a big front to push some clean water inshore. The water temperatures along the Natal coast are 19 to 20C which are close to the magical 18c needed for the sardine run. As westerly winds warm the water along the Natal coast, the lack of them will hopefully allow a sardine run to take place this year.


Still some cuda being landed on the north coast and along the Bluff with a 34.5kg monster being landed off Tiffany’s by a ski fisherman. Mark Keyser reports some big shoals of large cuda heading south whilst he was spearing the Fence area on the Bluff towards the end of the month. Plenty of wahoo action on Aliwal Shoal when the blue water moves in over the Shoal. Fishermen using jet-ski’s seem to have a lot of luck with the wahoo and this probably has something to do with the wahoo being attracted to the wake that the jet-ski makes.

Sodwana Bay

With hardly any current in this area there has not been a lot of gamefish action as shown by the national spearfishing championships held there recently. Sodwana is a spearfishermans paradise with so many options to choose from and I plan to visit the area a lot more. It is only a 4 hour drive from Durban on good road all the way.

Cape Vidal

Spent a few days here after Nationals but unfortunately the surf was very rough and launching was not an option. A big sand bank has developed north of the point and the waves were breaking a long way out to sea with no set pattern. It will be difficult to beach here if the bank remains as it is and a strong north east winds gets up while you are out at sea. There is a lot of sand movement in this area owing to the protected bay causing very strong rips so things will hopefully change soon.

Cape News

With the disappointment of the tuna classic not being held owing to rough seas it is ironic that the tuna have been thick off Cape Point and the weather settled for most of May. The weather is always the rat in the wood pile for any competition organizer and with changing weather patterns it is always going to be a lottery of sorts.

Sardine Run

Not much action anywhere on the Transkei coast but it is still early days as the sardine shoals normally arrive on the lower south coast of Natal in the first or second week of June. The north south current along the Transkei coast is very close inshore and this will not be helping matters. There were reports earlier in the month that the sardines were thick in Mazeppa Bay but these have now dispersed.

Mazeppa Bay

The Bay gets its name from the ship, The Mazeppa. It was traveling to Delagoa Bay from Port Natal when the captain, C.J.Cato, went into the bay seeking shelter. The ship ran aground and legend has it that it is buried under the dunes at Mazeppa Bay.

Safe diving, John.