Monthly Spearfishing Report March 2005

Monthly Report – March 2005


The Hibiscus Gamefish open is taking place on the 15 May and is offering a R3000.00 prize for the biggest gamefish weighed-in on the day. This type of competition normally sparks a lot of interest amongst spearfishermen with the possibility of any diver winning the first prize. There are camping sites available at the weigh-in and braai packs are included in the R160.00 entry fee together with a t-shirt. See you there.

March Conditions

Big surf and river water making for poor spearfishing conditions for much of the month on the inshore reefs. Some of the deeper reefs on the north coast have given spearos some good bags of fish but sharks have been a problem. The Bluff has been diveable on a number of days but not much action gamefish wise. The south coast has been mostly undiveable with river water spoiling the inshore viz.

Fish Action

The ski-boaters operating from Durban Ski-Boat Club report very few gamefish with only small dorado coming off the deep-water fads for much of the month. Salt Rock had some very good days towards the beginning of the month with some big cuda being landed in excellent conditions. Only the odd cuda taken from the Bluff area with catches made up of mostly bottoms.

Aliwal Shoal

Plenty of gamefish action on the Shoal if the blue water moves in providing exciting spearing for anyone lucky enough to be out there. It is worthwhile getting the phone numbers of some of the dive operators that frequent the Shoal most days and get reliable visibility reports for the area.

Cape Vidal

There has been a lot of snoek at both shallow Oscar and Leven Point with plenty of shoal sized cuda about aswell up at Leven. The snoek are averaging 7kg a fish and some very good catches have been made during March. Worth a trip.

Safe diving, John.