Monthly Spearfishing Report March 2001

March 2001

The crayfish season opened on the 1 march and with diveable conditions, divers were seen up and down the coast. The surf was up a bit which left some of the less fit divers chewing the fat on the shore. Conditions just got better and better and with calm seas and hardly any wind until the 12 march, it was divers paradise. Visibility up and down the coast was good and some good bags of gamefish and bottoms were shot. Stud Rock and Umdloti had a lot of cuda during this period. 12 march saw a big west come through that was blowing 25K by 0800. This brought some swell from the south and was followed by 3 days of big north easts. There was a 1 day lull and then another big west which coincided with the equinox( equal day and night) and the surf jacked up all along the coast. The bluff to warners was clean but there was not much action and aliwal shoal was very rough. The fishermen were still getting a lot of cuda but divers were having a lean time. A sailie was speared on Aliwal on the 18 and some cuda were speared the same day. Divers going out to high points(20+ miles out to sea off Mtunzini)were getting some big cuda and losing some even bigger ones. Anthony Dunne lost his gun and float to a big one. High Points is only for the experienced diver with the pinnacle at 35m and then very deep water all around. Sardines are used as chum being broken in half and left to drift down. Most of the fish are shot below 23m. The cuda being shot at aliwal are mostly 7kg and under and are running in about 60 foot of water north of the pinnacle. You need to be down to this level to shoot them. Stud rock area was diveable the last week of march with a lot of cuda around. Same as aliwal, you needed to be down to see the fish. Salt Rock produced some big cuda during this period with some divers bagging the odd 25kg beauty. Overall a good month for spearing.