Monthly Spearfishing Report June 2006

Monthly Report – June 2006


Big swell on the Natal coast for the first half of the month despite mostly settled weather conditions. Looked to be a southerly swell courtesy of the southern oceans where some big weather systems must have made for rough seas. It is often the case with currents on the Natal coast where the current will switch in sympathy with the frontal wind before the wind arrives. Perhaps liquid being a denser medium than air, the current is able to travel faster up the coast than the wind. Good diving weather before the big blow towards the end of the month once again brought in some big surf.

Fish Catches

The fishing boats off Hibberdene are still getting some good catches of cuda and spearos in this area should be on the look-out. With the sardines around most spearos will be looking for sardine shoals with hopefully some gamefish action with them. The Bluff was producing some good bags of cuda up to mid-month with the odd fish coming out on the north coast. Some big cuda about on the south coast with Umgababa and Mtwalume being likely spots.

Sardine Reports

The number for the sardine hotline is 082 2849495 with updates happening on a daily basis. Mid-month all the action was still near East London with small pockets as far up as Waterfall Bluff on the Transkei coast. The water temperatures on the lower south coast of Natal were still too high for the sardines at 20 Celsius. 18 degrees seems to be the magical number with anything above this putting the brakes on the run. If conditions are right these little fish can travel quickly up the coast and there is still plenty of time for a bumper run. No action as at the end of June with the water temperatures still way to high.

Weather Info Sites

Here is the address for another weather forecasting site sent to us by Dean Inggs. When planning a trip it is useful to get as many opinions as possible and to make your own assumptions from the available info.

Cape Vidal

Still some action if the current and water temperature is right but once the return cuda start passing through after their sardine feast things are really going to turn on. Late July and the first half of August are the best times with cuda, wahoo, sailfish and snoek making for excellent spearing. Still plenty of shark activity in this area with the tiger sharks on Deep Oscar giving spearos a hard time and making for dangerous diving. One needs to weigh-up the position when you are chumming the water and diving deep plus having to contend with some big sharks.

Mozambique News

The Inhambane area is very fishy in July with the point at Barra Lighthouse working very well for sailfish, wahoo and cuda. The water is not that clean but the fish action more than makes up for it.

Aliwal Shoal

This is one of the peak months for wahoo out at the Shoal and some boats have had very good catches. Most of the action is around the north east pinnacle and along the outside edge. Remember that the 25m isobath marks the boundary of the reserve and you are not allowed to spear within this area. Lots of scuba dive boat activity in this area over the weekend so be careful.

Springbok Team

The Springbok Team to go to Worlds later in the year is as follows: Jaco Blignaut, John Girdza, Mark White. Well done to these spearos. The South African Spearfishing Federation Chaired by Brent Addison is looking to raise funds to help with the big expenses that Worlds costs. Anyone that can offer any assistance please contact Brent on 082 3222750.

Cape Action

The tuna have gone quiet and will probably only come on again in any numbers at the start of the new season in November which was very good last season

Wahoo Winter Gamefish Competition

With 180 spearos signed-on, this must rank as one of the biggest spearfishing competitions in the world. Chris West and his team did a great job of organizing a very good comp and with some class fish making it to the weigh-in, the competition had something for everyone. Once again the sponsors were very generous and there were lots of great prizes up for grabs. With a slight south north current, conditions for fish were not ideal but still some good fish were brought to the weigh-in. Paul Shannon’s 32.5kg sailfish was the heaviest fish of the comp and took first place in the boat category. Daryl Kemp managed to bag a 30kg wahoo on a shore dive off the point and received some great prizes for his efforts including an Eric’s custom made paddle-ski. A total of 63 gamefish were shot, mostly small cuda with the odd snoek and kaakap in the catches.

Safe diving, John.