Monthly Spearfishing Report June 2005

Monthly Report – June 2005


During the nineties June was a very reliable month for spearfishing with generally calm seas and good visibility to be found along much of the KZN coastline. The big fronts mostly came through towards the end of the month and into July. This meant that you were able to dive on average 20+ days per month for June with July becoming more iffy. This pattern has been slowly changing and this year June has not been that good a month for spearfishing with some strong winds and big surf spoiling conditions.

Fish Catches

Plenty of reef fish around when conditions were good enough to dive out deep and some good bags were landed with the north coast being the spot to be. The odd big cuda taken on the north coast as they travel down to intercept the sardine shoals traveling up the coast. Geelbek landed on the north and south coast with the odd daga salmon taken as well. Garrick taken as far north as Zinkwazi with the makings of a fair run if some of the fishing reports are anything to go by. Some big ignoblis kingfish taken at Rocky Bay off Kings Rock with Treasure reef on the Bluff providing good spearing aswell.

Sardine Run

The sardine run is in full swing right along the coast as far as Durban Bay with netting taking place here aswell. Plenty of shark activity with lots of spearos chased out the water when encountering large inquisitive sharks right in the backline. They probably have no intention of eating you but it is a frightening experience having a large shark swim right up to you in what seems an aggressive manner. A shoal of sardines was reported off East London by a spotter plane estimated at 24km long, one of the longest shoals ever seen. Lots and lots of sharks seen from the air this year which happens every year but is a heartening report knowing that they are still around in large numbers. The mediocre inshore visibility has made it difficult to spearfish with the sardines but there should still be plenty of exciting diving ahead.

Sodwana Bay

Not much current here right now and when it does arrive it is mostly south-north which is the wrong way for this area. Some cold water on the bottom as low as 16 c also spoiling conditions. Despite conditions being totally wrong still some fair cuda taken up to 15kg and a 31kg ignoblis shot in the breaking zone on 9 mile reef. Plenty of aggressive tiger sharks around keeping divers on their toes. Reports of a big great white shark possibly resident in the area with plenty of sightings from Rooi Krans to Canyon.


Nationals has come and gone with the Natal teams dominating the competition and taking the first three places. The chosen areas were undiveable for the duration of Nationals and the competition was moved to Deep Scottburgh where some good water made for some exciting spearing. We are waiting for the full report on Nationals and will have it up on the site as soon as we get it.

New Spearfishing Province

The Natal Midlands applied for and was given the go-ahead at the spearfishing AGM to register as a separate province and enter its own teams in future Nationals. This will boost the number of teams entering Nationals and make for stiffer competition.

Safe diving, John.