Monthly Spearfishing Report June 2001

June 2001

June, the feast or famine month here in natal, depending on who you speak to. For the guys sitting on the north coast, things have been pretty quiet. Some big cuda heading south were shot at ballito at the beginning of the month and a ski-fisherman boated a 31kg yellowfin tuna in the same area. Since then nada,nothing,zilch. Calm weather, not much wind, but no fish. The viz up and down the coast has not been great with 4-5m in cold, green water. Aliwal shoal has hardly been diveable in 8-10m visibility most of the month and protea has had its share of cold, green water. Despite the viz not being the best, divers on the south coast where all the sardine action has been, have landed some good bags of mixed gamefish. Once again the hibberdene area has produced with some big 25kg+ cuda being landed. The sardine netters have been netting a lot with the basket price of sardines going from R120 down to R20 as more and more flooded the market. Lots of excitement and worth a drive down the south coast just to see the netters in action. So far there has not been a lot of shark activity. But according to sardine reports, there were hundreds of sharks with a very big shoal that was sited in the port edward/transkei area. There is still lots of sardine activity stretching almost to durban, so the shoals might come onto the north coast if the settled conditions prevail. Lots of action in the park rynie area on the weekend 23/24, with a big variety of gamefish being landed. Some divers following a shoal of sardines off the backline at snake park here in durban had some action. 14 cuda were boated from 9 to 20kg. You just need to find the right shoal of sardines being followed by gamefish and there is definately more chance of that happening on the south coast right now. A 200kg black marlin was shot on the south coast this month, some fish! The shad moved in on the north coast at the end of june so things might start to pick up for those divers not heading south. July is normally a very good month, so lets see what happens.