Monthly Spearfishing Report January 2005

Monthly Report – January 2005


The KwaZulu-Natal coast received some heavy surf for a period in the first half of the month that put an end to a good spell of diving. Despite the Cape being in the grip of a severe drought, the coastal regions of KwaZulu-Natal have had plenty of rain with most rivers flowing and browning up the inshore waters. The lower south coast is affected badly with some big rivers close together that dirty up the inshore waters and limit the diveable days along this stretch during the rainy months. Whether the fish hang about in this brown water is up for debate but changes in salinity will force salinity sensitive fish to move off.


Not too much happening in our waters but the Southern Cape has had some good water with plenty of silver steenbras and yellowtail being speared. Not much action from the cuda as yet but they should be arriving any day now so it is worthwhile keeping an eye on Salt Rock. Still plenty of dorado to be found on the deep water fads off Durban, situated roughly 9km out to sea. When hunting these blue water spots it is definitely a big advantage to have one of the many rubber guns with a heavier spear that carries the full force to the end of its range.

Natal Trials

Trials to pick the Natal teams for Nationals are set to begin in February with hopefully four trials being held. There is apparently a lot of interest from Natal spearos with Nationals being held in home waters, so competition should be stiff to make the teams. Any spearo interested can contact JP on 0844777113 or there is more info posted here.

New Rules

No clarification on the proposed new fishing limits that were set to be implemented this year.

Spearfishing Nationals 2005

The Nationals are being hosted by Southern Natal this year and with their area being a very good area for spearfishing, Teams will be in for some quality spearfishing. The three areas are: Port Edward ( Umtamvuma River ) to Ramsgate, Ramsgate to Port Shepstone ( Umzimkulu River ) and Port Shepstone to Hibberdene. For more info email [email protected] . Dates are 15th to the 18th June 2005.

Mozambique News

Good weather and good water made for exciting diving in the Inhambane area over the holiday period with plenty of gamefish being taken. Some of the deep water pinnacles were full of fish and some of the spearos going out to these deep water spots had fantastic spearing. The road from Maputo to Inhambane is very bad in places with potholes being more evident than the tarmac along some of the stretches.

Zambezi Ferry

There is a brand new ferry at the Zambezi River crossing in Mozambique that is able to handle the flow of traffic and delays are a thing of the past hopefully. The ferry has been donated by a group of foreign countries and is able to take a number of 18-wheelers at the same time. Good news for all the livestock that had to spend days waiting to make the crossing on an inadequate and often broken ferry.

Aliwal Shoal

Not much happening apart from some late afternoon action. Viz has been mediocre with Saiccor pollution and the Umkomaas River both playing a part in the poor viz when the currents are right. The warm Mozambique water needs to push in over the Shoal for things to really start happening.

Safe diving, John.