Monthly Spearfishing Report January 2002

January 2002

Having been in Mozambique for the past two weeks and Zimbabwe before that, l have not been here to experience the conditions locally. Looking back through the sharks board visibility reports, it looks asthough l have not missed much, which according to local divers was the case. With the exception of a couple of days from the 19/1, the visibility has been poor up and down the coast with some cold water temperatures being recorded. These cold temperatures are probably caused by cold river water mixing in with the warmer sea water, as a lot of the river mouths are still open due to the rains. It seems like the only decent action was the two boats lucky enough to be on the bluff on saterday 19. They all managed full quotas of queen mackerel all around the 4kg mark.

I stopped off at sodwana and vidal on my way back and can report that not a lot is happening here due to low water temperatures. A 35kg ignoblis kingfish was shot by glenn van nooten on Richard brunos boat at nine mile with not much else being seen. Vidal had some king mackerel action early in the morning with the fish going quiet by 0800 with water temps way down. Lots of shark activity at both of these spots even in the cold water, so the sharks are also wandering where all the fish are.

Even up at inhambane in Mozambique the water temps were off a couple of degrees and there was not the usual amount of fish to be seen. I was with a group of Russian divers, some beginners and others long time divers. One of the old hands has a static breath hold of 6 minutes and was diving 117 foot with ease with a bottom time close to 3 minutes. Even with their unsuitable guns, this guy was getting some good fish. He saw a big marlin on one of the deep pinnacles but stood no chance with his small gun. These divers are used to diving where there are not a lot of big sharks as they were very blasé, spending a long time in the water putting on their wet suits a long way out to sea, even after being warned.

Durban Harbour Shark Comps Anglers Fish. Angler ean Thompson spent mopre than an hour fighting this kingfish in the Durban Harbour only to have half of it chomped off right at their boat, the half they landed was 12.6kg.There seems to be a lot of shark activity here in the Durban area, which is normal for this time of year. Reports from umdloti by the surf ski fraternity are of a big tiger hanging around this area with the same shark being seen shallow on selection by these guys. The fishermen using the harbour are not wading in too deep after the recent attack on a young fisherman. Unfortunately he lost his leg in the attack which has been put down to a Zambezi shark.

The banning of the driving of ORV on the beaches is causing a lot of unhappiness amoungst the rock and surf fraternity. I feel sorry for these guys who have spent a lot of time and money on their sport which is now curtailed to such a degree. The old controlled beach access and permit system seemed to work well and limited the numbers of vehicles on the beaches as regards the environment.

To end off, wahoo diving club are holding the cuda classic on the 10february. It is open to all divers and is a boat or shore dive. Entry forms are available from the club on Wednesday evening from 1930 or from the dive factory or free divers. Safe diving, john.