Monthly Spearfishing Report February 2005

Monthly Report – February 2005


Good conditions for what is generally a poor month for diving along the KwaZulu-Natal coast. Clean water moved in along much of the coast and good conditions were found both north and south of Durban. Lots of shark activity with some large sharks making for difficult spearing.

Fish Wise

A lot of reef fish about on the deeper reefs despite patches of cold water on the bottom. The cuda run has started with Salt Rock and Umhlanga lighthouse both producing cuda in the early mornings and late afternoons. Mostly shoal size with the odd decent fish being landed. Some big cuda being taken on the lower south coast. Not much action yet from the natal snoek but hopefully things will improve.

Natal Trials

Trials were dived on Saturday 12 February after being postponed for the first weekend of the month due to poor conditions. The area dived was Umhlanga lighthouse to Westbrook launch. A light north-south current was running with 20-25 foot viz for much of the area. Good catches were weighed-in in the ideal conditions and the results are listed below. A few spearos are managing to dive off their own boats with just a bakkie boy. This is definitely an advantage over the normal 3 spearos per boat and is the way most spearos would choose to dive. The first ten positions were; 1. Guyla Plaganyi. 2. Jaco Blignaut. 3. Len De Beer. 4. Owen Tessendorf. 5. Jethro McCarthy. 6. John Girdza. 7. JP Kroll. 8. Angelo Spada. 9. Chris West. 10. John Little

Cape Vidal

Lots of gamefish action up at Leven Point with shoals of cuda passing through. Some billfish taken aswell with the odd sailfish landed and a black marlin shot off the Point.

Mozambique News

Reports of some green water spoiling visibility along some stretches of the coast but plenty of action with some spearos buzzed by marlin in the marginal viz. Big shoals of cuda off Miele all hopefully looking to head south for Natal waters where the cuda run has yet to live up to expectations. Some big tiger sharks seen here aswell.

Single Buoy Mooring

The SBM off Isipingo, a favourite haunt of kingfish and other large fish, has always been off-limits to divers even though the odd spearo had a quick look here on occasion. The Authorities are now enforcing the ban and a diver was recently fined R9200.00 for being caught there. In the future there is also a chance of losing your boat so it is not worth the risk diving here.

Hibberdene Stretch

Some big cuda action here towards the end of the month with Tim Theunissens 25kg beauty being the pick of the bunch. A big prodigalson landed aswell in excellent conditions with clean warm water bringing the fish in.

Deep Scottburgh

Plenty of reef fish on the deeper reefs with some excellent spearing to be had despite some cheeky sharks giving the odd spearo a big fright.

Safe diving, John.