Monthly Spearfishing Report December 2006

Monthly Report – December 2006


One of our wetter months with heavy falls of rain inland and on the coastal areas of Natal forcing most river mouths open, resulting in dirty inshore conditions. Aliwal shoal and Deep Scottburgh providing boat divers with plenty of fish but lots of hungry sharks about giving some spearos big frights.


Some cuda coming out at Salties on the north coast together with the odd fish taken in the Aliwal Shoal area. Mozambique reports are of lots of cuda migrating down the coast so hopefully the cuda run will be substantial. The run starts in earnest towards the end of January. Reef fish plentiful on most off-shore reefs with Deep Scottburgh holding a lot of fish.


Visited the Nacala area with a group of Natal spearos in December. Weather was good but the non-arrival of our dive bags for three days put a spanner in the works. Hired a dhow belonging to Arthur Norval who is based in the Nacala area. Speared some good spots with dogtooth tuna being seen on a regular basis but nothing landed. Area is fished hard by the locals even though it is pretty remote and this means other fish are pretty scarce. Also dived the area on spring tides which is probably the wrong time as the big tidal movement of four meters plus means strong currents and cold upwellings. Area has potential but needs to be scouted more.

Water Police

The water police have been pretty active over the holiday period even paying Sodwana Bay a visit which must have been costly for some skippers who were caught without all the necessary safety gear. Good idea to have copies of your skippers, buoyancy and floatation certificates in your capsize bottle as this might save you an unnecessary trip back to the beach.

Road Upgrading

I have driven up to Pemba twice in the last six years and it has taken 5 days each way mostly due to some very bad stretches of road especially in the far north area around Alto Molocue. These bad sections are all under re-construction and for those adventurous spearos who like diving out of the way places, these areas should all become worthwhile options once the upgrades are finished. With remote islands and big gamefish the trip is worth the effort.

New site

A new spearfishing site worth a visit is . Rates all the current competitive spearos by criteria from recent Nationals and open trials and is a good way of making spearfishing in South Africa more competitive.

Happy new year to all our readers.

Safe diving, John.