Monthly Spearfishing Report December 2005

Monthly Report – December 2005


Certainly a lot better than November with a number of days diveable along the coast. The westerly fronts lasting longer than normal for this time of year and there has not been many calm days as you would expect for December. Holiday makers have not seen the sun as much as one would hope for, with lots of cloudy overcast days. Water temperatures up and down the coast averaging 23c with some warmer patches moving in, with the Bluff having 25c towards the end of the month.

Fish wise

The cuda have been more plentiful this year than last year and they have been speared along most stretches of the coast as far down as deep Scottburgh. Some good sized fish have been landed with one of 20kg coming out at Salt Rock and the Bluff producing some good fish too. Fishermen are hammering the dorado off the deep water fads with most of the fish being on the small side. Heard of a possible new SA record dorado being speared out on the fads but not sure of the facts. Deep Scottburgh has got a lot of bottom fish on the 20m reefs with good catches reported most days when conditions are good.

Cape Vidal

Cape Vidal has been quiet with only the odd cuda coming out and some dorado taken, mostly by fishermen. Leven point has had what seems are ideal conditions, clean warm water and some current, but hardly any fish taken. This should all change in January when the cuda run starts in earnest along this section of the coast.

Shark Activity

There is a lot more shark activity now as the water temps rise and gamefish runs along the coast begin. This is normal for this time of year and spearos should monitor conditions carefully when there are large sharks about.

Missing Spearfisherman

The spearo who went missing off Scottburgh Point has not been found and there are a lot of conflicting reports as to what happened. Will have a report when all the facts are known. Our condolences go to his family and friends.

Happy New Year

Guy and myself would like to wish all readers a happy and healthy 2006,

Safe diving, John.