Monthly Spearfishing Report December 2004

Monthly Report – December 2004


The westerly fronts coming up from the Cape this time of year bring some welcome relief from the hot muggy weather that is experienced along the KwaZulu-Natal coastline during this period. These fronts normally bring rain to the coastal regions and also push in clean water. Inshore conditions can change from day to day with brown river water being replaced by clean sea water.

Gamefish Run

The warmer sea temperatures herald the start of the summer gamefish runs and spearos can expect to see more sharks during this period. Plenty of queen mackerel (natal snoek) action from Umgeni River mouth northwards with some good sized fish being taken. Good spots to dive for these fish are Umhlanga, Umdloti and along the Sea Belle stretch north of the Umdloti River mouth. Some good sized cuda being taken already with a number in the high teens being shot by spearos on the north coast. Salt Rock has produced some good fish with Tongaat being another option. Zinkwazi has seen plenty of cuda action when conditions are suitable but it has been mostly rod caught fish.

Fish Attracting Device

The fads that have been placed out to sea along the coast are attracting a lot of dorado with some really big fish being speared. A bull dorado of 20kg was recently shot off the Ballito fads. The fads are situated roughly 14km out to sea and are known to a few spearos who would have got the marks from the fishermen who were responsible for placing them. There are fads off Durban and probably a number along the coast with their locations kept secret by the fishermen or spearos placing them. It is actually illegal to place fads without permission and the water police normally cut-off any fad buoys that they come across.

Aliwal Shoal

The Shoal has started to produce with big sailfish and ignoblis kingfish being speared. There are some wahoo around the northeast pinnacle area if you are going out there. Not sure what is happening regarding the proposed sanctuary areas but will have more info about this on the site soon.

Deep Scottburgh and the Pinnacles

Plenty of reef fish to be found on the deeper reefs with some really class fish being landed. Clint Nevin managed a 30kg black musselcracker, which is an awesome fish. Tropicals are being taken on some of the deep water pinnacles and if cold water chases them up from the deep, you can expect some big fish.

Mozambique News

Plenty of action in the Inhambane area with lots of cuda being taken off Barra Point. The weather has been very settled with hardly any wind so spearos heading for Mozambique should be in for some good hunting.


The new fishing regulations are supposedly being implemented in 2005 and some big changes are set to take place that should benefit the fish stocks. The 10 fish per person rule will once again apply and threatened species such as certain rockcod will be limited to one fish per person per day. This will make spearfishing competitions that target reef and gamefish much more interesting where more thought will have to go into fish selection than before.

Guy and myself wish all spearfishermen and their families a happy 2005.

Safe diving, John.