Monthly Spearfishing Report December 2001

December 2001

Once again, not a good month for spearing along the Kwazulu Natal coast. The exceptions have been Vidal and Sodwana, where at least you have been able to dive on a regular basis and bag some gamefish. The big westerly winds have been pushing in some good clean warm water. This has, unfortunately for divers, been countered by the large amounts of river water flowing out of the numerous river mouths along the coast. This silt laden cold water has put paid to most shore dives with just the odd day diveable. Salt rock has already produced some king mackerel with the odd big fish being taken. Some good bags of reef fish have been shot on the north coast when clean warm water has been found. The queen mackerel action is still pretty thin but will hopefully change any day now. What really needs to happen is the rain needs to go away for awhile and the winds need to stop blowing as hard as they have been. There have been some unconfirmed reports of some big king mackerel being taken at vidal. This area should definately be worth a visit as the king mackerel should start filing through any day now. Reports from mozambique are of lots of gamefish action. A young local at Inhambane was recently killed by a shark whilst diving at Barra point. He was using a body stringer and was apparently bit in the stomach when the shark was trying to eat his fish. R.I.P. The warm summer waters along our coast normally mean an increase in shark activity so it is best to be on the look-out especially when diving in marginal visibility. Aliwal has been providing some exciting diving with big ignoblis being seen in the north east pinnacle area. Lying motionless on the bottom is the best way to bag one of these hard fighting fish. A visiting Kiwi managed to shoot and land a sailfish on 19 fathoms. Well done.The lower south coast has been undiveable with brown river water along most of the inshore reefs. Lets hope 2002 is a bumper year for spearfishing along our unique coast.

I wish all readers a happy christmas and new year. Safe diving, john.