Monthly Spearfishing Report August 2008


By mid month still no major fronts coming up from the Cape which is unusual for this time of year as normally we would have had some major blows by now. The small fronts coming up from the Cape helping to clean the water along the Natal coast but very little gamefish action in the cold water and reef fish not very concentrated. The lower south coast still suffering the after effects of the flooding in June with no visibility from Hibberdene southwards to Port Edward. This changed towards the end of the month and some of this area was diveable in the settled conditions but with all the silt and debris deposited from the flooding any north east is sure to dirty this area up again. Water temperatures around 20 centigrade for much of the coast but expect to find patches of much colder water after northeasterly blows.


The summer game fish run is now over with most of these fish north of us in warmer Mozambique waters. The garrick run starting to provide some action but not as busy as past years. The layer of cold water that seems to be lurking about on the bottom along much of the coast is keeping most of the reef fish in their caves and it is a scratch to get ten decent fish. The north coast has a lot of east coast rock lobster out to sixty foot with Umdloti and Sea Belles area being particularly prolific. The cracker(white musselcracker) run is in full swing with plenty of fish being taken on the Bluff. The size limit for this fish is 60cm and you are allowed two per day. Some geelbek being taken on the Bluff and this area has been one of the better spots to dive during August.

Cape Vidal

Weather along this section of the coast has been very unpredictable with strong north-easterlies blowing for much of the time. The odd big cuda coming out at Leven Point but no fireworks to date and not worth the drive in the unpredictable conditions.


David Blaines world record breath-hold of 17 minutes is only recognized by Guinness and not AIDA. This is due to the fact that he took in pure oxygen for twenty minutes prior to the attempt. The AIDA world record is 9 minutes 8 seconds set by Tom Sietas in 2007.

Border Open Spearfishing Challenge

This competition is set for the 4 October at Hole-in-the-Wall on the Transkei coast. This is a fantastic area to spear in with very good reefs and class fish to be had along this beautiful section of our coast. Entries need to be in by the 22 September if you want to qualify for a t-shirt. See you there.

Tag and Release

Watched a fishing program of catching sailfish off Hemingways on the Kenyan coast. Not sure of the length of the competition but 128 sailfish were caught and most were tagged and released. They had underwater footage of the released sailfish with most of them looking in bad shape with puffs of blood coming out the mouth as they slowly moved away. I would like to know how many of the fish caught had been tagged before as I believe most billfish that are tagged and released do not live to fight another day. Hooked fish are fighting for what must seem like their lives to them and will obviously use up every last bit of strength that they possess. Do they recover from this supreme effort or have they fought to the death, death being quick if there are any hungry sharks about or a slow drift down into oblivion.

World Spearfishing Championships

Seems like things not going according to plan as far as some of the arrangements that were made not turning out as promised and all pulling together side tracked for a period. Lets hope it is all sorted out and everyone starts to work as a team as this is the secret to doing well along with a good preparation period.

Safe diving, John.