Monthly Spearfishing Report April 2008

Monthly Report – April 2008


The cyclone season is drawing to a close for 2008 but still the Natal coast has been experiencing some big surf courtesy of big weather systems down in the roaring forties. Once again no major blows but the inshore seas have had poor visibility for much of the month and shore divers have experienced 4 to 5 m at best. Cold water lurking about on the bottom on the north coast with few fish seen under these conditions.


The odd cuda still coming out on the north coast but the south coast normally has more action during this period with Mtwalume and Hibberdene being good bets for large cuda this time of year. Lots of natal snoek action on the north coast but a lot of these fish are real babies and a pity that there is not a size limit on these gamefish. Some big cuda taken off the chain pool, Umdloti, mid month with the cuda passing through for most of the day.


The official standing here is that spearfishing is banned but customs turn a blind eye to spearguns especially if they are parceled with a rod or two. Regarding spearfishing, nobody seems to mind so it seems that you can spearfish unofficially but better if you can make contact with some local spearfishermen who can advise you of the latest situation.

Wahoo Dive Club Winter Gamefish Competition

The permission to hold this tournament at Cape Vidal has been given by MCM and it is scheduled for the 21 June. Limited to 30 boats but still lots of scope for a big entry with shore and ski divers sure to boost the numbers. It is the oldest running spearfishing competition in South Africa and is arguably the most enjoyable competition on the spearfishing calendar.

National Spearfishing Championships 2008

The official closure date for entries was the 31 March but late entries are still being accepted. With 16 teams signed-on and the possibility of the odd late entry it looks set to be a great nationals with clean seas and four days of hunting gamefish enough to get any spearos heart racing. Plus there is always the possibility of meeting that dream fish just to add some extra spice to the equation.

Cape Conditions

After a rather dismal tuna season and poor spearfishing conditions in general, things have turned and the tuna grounds came alive mid-month with lots of Longfin and yellowfin tuna taken. This bodes well for the tuna classic and if the weather gods are friendly it should be a great comp. The Longfin tuna are what we get in the tuna tins you buy in the supermarkets with the yellowfin being used for sashimi and mostly exported.

Mozambique News

I was up at Barra last week of April and first week of May with some Cape divers. Conditions were good with mostly settled weather and clean water out on the deep pinnacles and some class fish seen. It takes some getting used to diving the deep water pinnacles with most of the action below 20 meters and some of the bigger fish very difficult to shoot. It certainly makes for exciting diving and seeing really big fish but not quite getting them is sure to spice up your dreams.

Safe diving, John.