The Spearfishing year- February 2000 to February 2001

The year under review was not a great year for spearfishing in Kwazulu Natal. Heavy rainfall together with windy conditions along the coastal belt ensured that shore divers hardly got wet until June, unless you could travel to Sodwana or Cape Vidal.

The last heavy falls of rain were on the 24 may which is normally a good diving month, but due to all the rain February to May were washouts. The unsettled conditions also affected the boat divers but to a lesser degree as Aliwal Shoal was still diveable for much of the rainy months.

May saw shoals of wahoo frequenting the north east pinnacle at aliwal and some exciting diving was had by boat divers.

June, July, August saw conditions improve and both shore and boat divers saw plenty of action. The sardine run-June,July, was a good one with lots of big cuda being shot. Kevin Daly`s 36.8kg cuda(king mackeral) which is a new south african and world record is worthy of mention.

September, October, the windy months were just that and diving days were few.

November saw the lower south coast cleaning up after any west and some big bags of bottom fish were speared.

Aliwal shoal came alive in December with lots of gamefish activity including sailies, ignoblis and cuda. January, February of 2001 has been better than the previous year but inshore conditions have not been great which is normal for this time of year. Aliwal has provided some good days with 20m+ visibility.

The big floods in Mozambique seem to be affecting our inshore sea temperatures and patches of cold water have been found up and down the coast as low as 20c which is cold for summer. The cuda run this year has been unusually thick with the fishermen getting especially good catches of the shoal cuda. Divers do not seem to do aswell with the small cuda and the main shoals have been out in 90+foot with lots of shark activity. Saltrock has produced some 25kg fish but the majority are under 8kg. The large amount of cuda bodes well for the sardine run when all these fish will be returning greatly fattened by their sardine diet.