Weekend Report - Snoek Galore...what a day!!

Treasure Quiet

Thursday last week Russel Woods and myself dived Treasure late afternoon where things were pretty quiet despite the good water - managed a 6 kg Snoek (queen mackerel) out of a shoal of six or so but it was otherwise quiet until sunset when we exited the water.

Big Yellowfin

Friday went up to Umdloti and got to Selection just in time to see Neil Mc Nichol being towed around by something big and as I got down to the waters edge, he was swimming in a magnificent guestimated 35 kg Yellowfin Tunny!!!, after a chat over his awesome catch (shore dived might I add), Neil was off to celebrate with a beer.

Salties at first light

Saturday it was first light at Salties with JP and after 3 hours on the drop-off all we accounted for was a 4 kg Spadie and a small mirrorfish. Dived Treasure Sunday with JP and JP bagged a few bottoms whilst I was hoping for a gamefish.

Warners Cooks

I can’t keep a secret and this morning decided to head to Warner beach after I overheard George Kennedy had dropped several snoek there on Monday whilst chatting to someone at Freedivers yesterday. Russel Woods and myself got in at first light just north of the point, swam out to the shark nets and then back inshore where all seemed quiet until about 7.00 am when droves of big Snoek arrived!!! - A sight I haven’t seen in a long time, (thought these fine fish were extinct until this month and there were some nice "logs" amongst them averaging 6-8 kilo’s)

Big Bags

Russel kept seeing bigger fish a hundred meters north of where I had positioned myself off the point and was shooting, losing and missing fish in about 5 meters of water until he eventually had four on his stringer. George Kennedy was having better luck and bagged two of which I doubled up on one for him. Alan Potter arrived on his ski but I don’t know what his tally was? My eventual tally was seven weighing 43,2 kg and Russel got a near record of a snoek near the end of the dive which weighed 10,6 kg`s! Swam in at around 9.00 struggling up the beach with some nice fish over our shoulders. Looks like it may be a bumper snoek season rather than with the cuda.... Cheers- Darrell.