A report by Owen Tessendorf on a recent trip to Morrungulu in mozambique

After collecting the last few items we needed it was just a case of packing the bakkie and getting on the road.
Destination Morrungulu, Mozambique, 100km+ north of Inhambane.We finally got under way at 2pm on friday 25may, trevor and i in his bakkie and jeff and friends in his bakkie towing his boat.We decided to stop in swaziland for the first night as it was already late.
We stayed at nisela safaries about 394km from durban.They have traditional bee hive huts that sleep 2 people each and are R50pp.You can also get a meal here and there is a pub for liquid refreshments.They also keep a few animals like lions,zebra etc. in their park.

Up early the next moring as we still had 800km to go. The roads are not bad, i think the worst section was in swaziland. We made good time to maputo.

A puncture on the boat trailer set us back 2 hours in maputo as we had to get another tyre fitted to the spare wheel. As the sun began to set we still had 200km to go. Night driving in mozambique is not for the faint-hearted as most cars have little or no lights. You can do it the mozambiquen way, that is to put your right indicator on and guess where the other car is. After reaching massinga we missed the turning to the camp so we had to backtrack a few km's. The last 13km is sand track so minimum 2 wheel drive bakkie is advisable.

Morrungulu camp is situated right on the beach. It is a beautiful place with white sandy beaches and clean warm water.Campsites are all grassed with thatched barakas to use as a kitchen. They also have bungalows.Hot showers for the end of the day.Electricity is available for a limited period in the morning and evenings, so if you want more, take a generator.

Andy,ken and loui had arrived the previous day and had a rainbow runner ready for dinner that night. Sunday moring everybody was up bright and early. We were off to sylvia banks. This is a shoal much like aliwal shoal but it is more impressive.It is roughly 20 km north of the campsite and about 5 km out to sea .Weather was good with calm seas.The viz was not bad, we had about 40 ft with no current. I think this was one of the major problems that we had, the lack of current the whole time that we were there.

The reefs are very impressive, lots of caves and gulleys. Loads of soft corals and plenty of fish life. There were thousands of big surgeons and shoals of fusiliers with plenty of big manta rays to ride on if you could catch them. On the reefs there was a big variety of fish. Big rubberlips,parrots,kakaap and plenty more.We first tried long drifts down the shoal waiting for the big game fish but it seemed to be very quiet.Some small cuda were bagged and the odd king fish.ken found the kaakap hiding over the sand and was the first to bag a couple of nice ones. kaakap seemed to be the only gamefish around in any great numbers.If you went to the bottom and waited for them there were plenty to shoot.

Most of the days were much the same. We had one bad day of wind. Andy got the fish of the trip, a 16kg cuda. The gamefish failed to turn on in the time that we were there, but the area has great potential. On the last day we followed the locals out to about 7km offshore as the previous day they got a good catch of cuda and a sailfish.It was 35 meters deep here with crystal water. There were plenty of cuda all around the 5 to 6kg mark, but all sitting at 30 meters, so none were shot.

Throughout the week we got some nice kaakap,fulvi kingfish,cuda and rainbow runner. Trevor saw a nice big ignoblis and some prodigal sons. Not many big game fish were taken but it was a great trip with interesting reefs and nice water. Maybe next time!!