Tag and release - Mark Jackson

I read your piece on your site with regards to the fishing competition and the tagged sailfish in bad shape.
Just some info:

About 2 years ago I went to Bazaruto where they banned me from diving due to some WWF classification of lodges etc. (crap)

I ended up out at sea with some guys that where catching sailfish and I saw the following:

The fish where absolutely exhausted after the fight. They where then held against the boat for some time to get the pictures and the tag in. I looked over the side and guess what was there. 2 massive zambies sitting right under the boat. They then dragged the saily for 30 meters and then released. They recon that the zambies would not follow the boat.!!!

When released the sailfish could hardly swim and most actually just sank. Obviously been eaten by the local zambies that have learnt what this is all about.

The guys on the boat caught 6 sailies that were all released in very bad shape.

When I returned to the lodge I was quite upset that they would allow the anglers to keep some sailies and leave the other in such a bad state while not allowing me to even get in the water. I then asked the question: How many sailies are caught that have tags in them at the lodge? After a long silence the gent said NONE. I interrogated him further as I could not believe that answer.

Once away from the group he assured me that they had never caught a tagged sailfish at the lodge. He said that they just move off. I obviously advised him that they had died, either died from bad shape or eaten.

Food for thought.