Springbok Trials

Springbok trials are set to take place in Durban from the 17-20 August. As there are only spearfishermen from Natal province taking part, the trials will probably be dived on Deep Scottburgh. This gives no participant an unfair advantage as this area is well known by local divers. It will be dived over two days with normal trials rules applying. As soon as l have the results l will put them up on the site hopefully with some pics of the fish weighed-in.

World Champs

At this stage there is no official invitation for a South African side to go to World Champs in Brazil in November. The reason for this is as follows. As far as the Worlds are concerned, we are grouped with Europe and this grouping is allowed to send 10 teams to Worlds. There are already 10 teams going. They are: Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Slovenian. We would have to dive in a formal competition against these countries and come in the top 10 to be eligible to go to Worlds. This is not on as the cost alone would be too much. Obviously our grouping needs to be changed and CIMAS needs to be petitioned to do this through the South African Underwater Union. Hopefully this situation can be sorted out as you need international competition to be awarded Springbok colours. Failing making Worlds, we could possibly be invited to take part in the Brazilian nationals that would also qualify the guys chosen for Springboks to get their colours.