2003 Annual General Meeting of the South African Freediving Association (SAFA)

Held in Durban at DUC on 6 June 2003 at 19h00

1. The Chairman welcomed everyone present and took an attendance register.

2. A Quorum was declared so that the AGM could proceed with legitimacy.

3. Natal Union and the Provincial Spearfishing Official (Mr Richard Bruno) was thanked for the successful hosting of the SA National Spearfishing Championships. This was the first time that the National Spearfishing Championships were able to be held over the last 3 years due to bad weather.

4. The following parties were thanked for their contributions :

Mr Darryll Hattingh - T-shirt artwork and trophies
DUC - for the wonderful venue and launching rights
Guyla Plagani - for fish administration
Anthony Dunne - for serving as Scoremaster

5. Records Officer Report: SAFA Spearfishing Record Officer report January 2001 - June 2003

The following was applicable to Spearfishing Records since January 2001:

5.1 Records accepted and certificates issued - 2001:
a.. Bonefish - 6.81kg D Fabrie (Zululand)
b.. Scotsman - 8.35kg S Gerber (Eastern Province)
c.. Longnose kingfish - 3.80kg N McNicoll (Natal)
d.. Dusky rubberlip - 9.70kg C Nevin (Natal)

5.2 At the last AGM a new Records Officer was elected, but he indicated after a few months that he could not do the "job", Johan Jacobs therefore, after a +/- 6mth break, resumed the function of Records Officer. This interim arrangement that all further record applications will be recorded and kept for final validation at the next AGM.

5.3 The following record applications were received :
a.. Blue Marlin - 75kg - Ryan Berry (Natal) - 30/01/01 Still under review as various contradicting opinions exist regarding the identity of this fish. Suggest the Records Officer present this to ORI.
b.. Y'fin tuna - 73kg - Hugo Gouws (Boland) - 27/04/02 All record application criteria are complied with. To be ACCEPTED.
c.. Malabar R'cod - 34.2kg - Chris Ananiadis (Natal) - 28/05/02 All record application criteria are complied with. To be ACCEPTED.
d.. Prodigal son - 38.55kg - Ryan Burmeister (Natal) - 19/11/02 All record application criteria are complied with. To be ACCEPTED.
e.. Chanos Chanos - 24kg - Andy Norton (Natal) - 01/12/02 All record application criteria are complied with. To be ACCEPTED.
a.. Dorado - 14.5kg - Jean-Pierre Kroll (Natal) - 08/12/02 It is not possible to validate the fish's length from the photograph as supplied. Suggest Records Officer present this application to the SAFA Chairperson & Vice-chairperson. - decision Richard Bruno; Anthony Dunne and Len Turner to review.
a.. Dorado - 13.5kg - Paul Shannon (Natal) - 21/02/03 Record application criteria are complied with. To be ACCEPTED pending the decision taken w.r.t. the application dated 08/12/02.

5.4 Many records are received using provincial application forms. Attached an electronic version of the approved "SA spearfishing record application form" for your information and use. Please ensure ALL unions get this.

5.5 Johan Jacobs was unanimously re-elected Records Officer

6. Office Bearers : the current Office Bearers would remain unchanged until their term of office expired in June 2004
6.1 Guyla Plagani was requested to serve as SAFA Treasurer until new office bearers are elected in June 2004

7. Matters Arising :

7.1 Use of Reel Guns : Personal Floats must be used at all times and the diver must remain within 40m of personal float at all times.
7.2 Number of Divers per Boat : It was tabled that we need to be able to have the flexibility to allow two divers per boat for safety reasons. This issue was discussed at length and the stigma of elitism versus safety was explored. Also the advantages of the host Union with numbers of boats freely available was discussed. An interim decision was made to allow less divers per boat provided the Team Captain could remain in contact with their team at all times. This matter would be reconsidered at the next AGM to provide opportunity for the issue to be re-examined from all angles.
7.3 Shortening of the Competition Day to 4 hours : A complaint was heard from Border that they were not clearly informed that the competition was to be shortened during the course of the second dive day. The logistics of either Cancelling or Shortening a Competition Dive Day during the day was discussed in terms of Safety and Humanitarian reasons. It was decided that the accountability rests with the Tournament Committee and that the boats need to remain in Radio contact at all times.
7.4 Complaints were received about the scoring schedule. These problems were immediately rectified.

8. A bid to host the next SA National Spearfishing Championships were entertained by Southern Cape for Stilbaai in March/April 2004 (Anton Bosman via James Lawson Smith from WP). This bid was successful.

9. The AGM was closed. The next AGM would take place during the next SA Championships to be held in Stilbaai 2004.