Mkambati on the transkei coast

A report by Antony Brown on a recent trip to Mkambati on the transkei coast

It is about 4/5 hours from durban - left at flagstaff along dirt road for about 70 kms. The road is not good for a sedan - you need a 1 tonner or 4x4 to make it comfortable.

Accommodation is in chalets/cottages either on the beach or set back into the hills. The ones on the beach have only gas whereas the others have electricity. Both cost R44 a night self catering.

There is a lodge that sleeps up to 20 people which i recommend for larger parties. The reserve stretches about 15km between the mkambati and mtamvuna river mouths. No spearfishing/crayfishing within this border, but either side of rivers is allowed. Pity because the reef fish and bugs are enormous - caught three bugs outside the reserve of well over a kilo each. Off the mkambati river mouth (southern end of reserve) is an island about 1 acre in size. Bugs only seem to be concentrated on northern side of the island. Easy to cross over at low tide - walk to top northern end of the island where drops off to about 8 metres - loaded with cuckoo bass/rock salmon/rockcod/bronzies. About 150m off the northern end is a 15th century wreck with cannons and all .... didn't see much but plenty potential. Unfortunately could not get to other side of reserve as we were in a sedan but heard it was even better. Andersen-reid of sharks board reckons there is a huge reef north of mtamvuna about 150m out - they saw plenty action from the air during the run.

didn't see any game fish-strange-but may have been deeper behind the shoals. Can launch a boat from mkambati river mouth which would make for a better trip.