Coffs Harbour Report: April 2009 by Mark Kallman


Easily summarized in one word: CRAP! After the Classic, conditions really deteriorated and if you allow me some poetic license in mixing up mythology, it  looks like Thor and Poseidon have conspired against Spearos, creating such atrocious conditions that it has been near impossible to get into the sea.

I fortunately spent several weeks back in South Africa on holiday so I didn’t miss anything.

Fish Scene

There is very little to report at all. I heard that while I was away there were about 3 good days where the viz was really spectacular: 40m+. Yes, there were fish around, some big Wahoo and Spanish but they were skittish. Apparently some were taken but I have yet to hear the war stories. One good fish that was landed was a 7.5kg Bluebar Parrotfish. A spectacular fish and only a few grams off the current club record.

The monthly club competition was cancelled and no alternative date could be found because conditions were so poor. Even the line fishers seem to have got the short end of the stick.


The weather bureau has made the point that the recent weather anomalies are regarded as being a once in a hundred year event and highly unlikely to be seen again. The massive quantity of baitfish has certainly attracted the attention of pelagics and with little fishing pressure they should be more approachable and in greater numbers when the conditions allow for diving.

In the meantime, I am going over my gear and making the repairs that are necessary as well as making sure my basic fitness level is adequate. It is also a good time to sort out all the little tasks around the home, keep Mom happy and she won’t mind the diving when conditions do get better.

I brought a new speargun back from SA. My brother fashioned it out of railway sleeper and it really looks good. He has taken Brusher around Knysna with one of the smaller guns and I am looking forward to giving this gun a whirl in the Deep Blue.