Coffs Harbour Report: June 2009 by Mark Kallman


Unfortunately we have had more of the same weather we have seen for the last few months. Wind, rain, flooding and huge dirty seas seem to be a fixture with Coffs at this stage. On the brighter side, in the last week, we have seen conditions stabilize and I hesitate to say, even improve. Driving in to work this morning the sea looked like a placid blue lake. I console myself in knowing that I am able to assess conditions every morning as I take a walk on the beach, I know, it sucks living at the beach!

Fish Scene

There have been some brave souls who have ventured out on boats and even braver souls who elected to rock-hop. The club competition was canned because of the poor weather but a week later a group of my friends found good water (20+m viz) at The Lighthouse. Although the water was quite clear, it tended to be cool and the only fish which presented a viable target were the Yellowtail. To make it worthwhile there are some monster ‘Tail around too, 20kg+. One of the divers did find some Mangrove Jacks but they proved to be harder to land than to see. A few schools of big Tailor (Shad) pitched up and these were added to the day’s bag.

One of the rock-hoppers found that the rough and turbulent ocean had scoured the area around the rocks clean. Most of the sand had washed away exposing massive areas of excellent crayfish habitat. He found stacks of crayfish but the majority were small. He heard lots of Jewfish (Kob) drumming but could not find any. After moving behind the surf zone a large Yellowtail came up to have a look and was promptly speared. True to form the fish dragged the gear down to the rocks where it bent his spear before breaking free. On the swim back to shore with the now useless speargun, he bumped into a school of small Jewfish, confirming that sometimes spearfishing just sucks.


The most recent predictions are for winds in the vicinity of 50-90km/h this weekend but at the moment the weather is stable and we are enjoying glorious sunshine and calm seas. We are eagerly waiting to hear that the commercials have found the Yellowfin Tuna in the deep as many intrepid club divers are keen to explore the challenge of landing one of these fish. South of us, at Bermagui, game-fishers are getting Yellowfin, Bluefin and Longfin Tuna regularly. Imagine taking a tuna slam with a speargun!