Story of the one that didn't get away!

by Johan Jacobs

Spearing a North Coast Wreck

Johan Jacobs with his Yellow BellyDiving in a slight N to S current and working the up current section of the wreck, I just settled after killing a 10 - 15kg Iggie which fell off the spear, and getting stuck into some really big rubberlips, I dived onto a favourite salmon spot, just up current of the wreck, waiting for a nice sized rock salmon in 80 odd foot of water, when a salmon's head appeared from the hole. At the same time I however saw the Y'belly rockcod. With the salmon swimming into view, and realizing there is a good chance of getting both if I shoot the salmon first and properly, the shot held. I minute or so of careful maneuvering the salmon away from the wreckage, he was safely IDB. These fish however have the tendency to leave you with a less than straight spear, and after replacing the spear; it was back into the water in search of the Y'belly.

Luck favours the Bold

Luckily we marked the northern section of the wreck properly and I managed to dive down on exactly the right spot, landing behind a plate, which also acted as cover away from where the Y'belly possibly was. Peeping over the plate, luck was with me as he was still in the same hole. Lining the gun up onto the fish before getting my body into sight and slowly crawling closer, my luck held and l was soon heading back to the surface, one extremely happy spearo with a very large stoned yellowbelly in tow. Note: The yellow belly weighed 17.6kg and is a pending South Africa record almost doubling the old record that stood for many years.