Freediver Classic Spearfishing Competition by James Lawson-Smith

The Freediver Classic was held at the Damme on Saturday and was a great success.
All boats were in the water before 08h00 and the weather was great, but this would soon change. The comp started at 08h45 with the intention of a 6-hour event! We were all chased out before the time by bad weather and realistically only held the event for 4 hours. The Great Whites left us alone for the duration with the exception of one boat, but from the stories that came out it was not too serious an incident. The day started with 40 divers and a total of 13 boats and all of them made it back safely, although one had to beach at the Damme due to engine trouble. The weigh-in and prize giving was held at the great White shark House in Gansbaai.

There were some fantastic prizes on offer and I must once again thank the likes of FREEDIVERS and CHAMPION DIVERS for there huge contribution as well as others like James Lawrence, Ryall de Waal and Danie Hayman.People like these make events like this a success. I would like to thank all of those individuals who participated in the Freediver Classic at the Damme on Saturday. The full results are in this Excel Download.