Report from Darrell - Umhlanga

Late dive at Umhlanga 20km North of Durban 10 and 11 Feb 2003 by Darrell Hattingh

Shot up to Umhlanga yesterday afternoon and met up with Ken Ziesing after a tip off that the water was clean and what lovely conditions for a late afternoon shot! Viz. top-bottom 12 meters, warm water, NS current. Swam in ust north of the lighthouse on the low tide and got crunched twice in very shallow water on the rocks by two dumpers. As I got through the white water, it was stumpies everywhere from half to 2 kilos with a grunter or two in between and would you believe it a brusher of around 5 kg, 2 sizeable pompano come past as well and as I load up the fish seem to vanish. Ken and I swim south and skate along the edge of lighthouse reef then head out to the deeper boulders off villa pax, two sizeable snoek swim past Ken and he somehow misses one. A spearo has one snoek and is just stringing a big rocky as we arrive (I think it was Ant Dunne?) It is rather quiet but lovely water and then a big 8 kg or so snoek homes in on my flasher and I dive and shoot just too short misjudging it`s size in the clean water.

Drift down south but it is uneventful until just before dark and Ishoot a 7.5 kilo snoek out of a passing shoal of 5, string and swim in. This morning got in at 5.45, my eyes are not too good in the semi-light but it is quiet for an hour or so and conditions are still good but not as clean as yesterday - two snoek home in on my flasher and hit one of 6 kg a low but secure shot- Ken doubles up anyway. Spear another at around 6.30 of 4 kilo`s but otherwise it`s very quiet. One other spearo has a snoek of around 6kg. Where are the Cuda? Seems they are like hens teeth at the moment despite the right water etc.