Big yellowtail at Ifafa by Darrell Hattingh

Big yellowtail at Ifafa by Darrell HattinghI stopped in at Rob Allen`s this morning and whilst having a chat, the viz report came in at 10 meters for the south coast. I decided to shoot down on the incoming tide, and to have a go at the last of the return Garrick as conditions were very settled.

I joined Brett for his second dive at Brendens place, borrowed Brendan`s 1,1M gun as I had only bought my 1,3 with. After a short kamikazi swim in just north of the pool, found a shoal of garrick milling over the sand in the clean, warm water and speared one of 5 kilos, tried to double up but they scattered and headed south. Nice conditions but uneventful so swam down south to the last rocks where there were only a couple of chub knocking about, got out and walked back to the point for a re-entry where I joined Brett who had lost a small garrick and seen another shoal.

Half hour or so later a shoal of big Cape Yellowtail almost bump into me of around 15-20 fish (awesome sight!) with the 3 front ones I would guess in excess of 20 kilo’s! Dived and they scattered and spun round me whilst I swung the gun trying to get a shot at one, sinking the spear high into the dorsal area of an average sized one. True to form, the fish rages off with the others flanking (saving my second shot for a double up as I know how hard they fight), smashing me over the rocks and giving a dogged struggle around Ifafa Point, I managed to keep the line away from the bricks and eventually bought the 1,3 to bear for a solid second shot. Fish weighed 18,4 kilos. Heard another of 14,5 was shot at Umzumbe Point.