Big Cuda lost at Seapark by Darrell Hattingh

Friday, June 11, 2004

Perfect Conditions

Absolute perfect conditions on the south coast this morning, viz. at about 10-20 meters along most of the lower south coast including Port Shepstone with a flat swell. I got in at 6.30 off the point at Southport and decided to swim south along backline in the hope of a garrick or two, things were rather quiet until the rocky ledges running out to sea just north of Seapark, I’d seen a bronzie or two and swam inshore to just beyond backline directly out from some shad fishermen and scratched half a dozen bugs around some boulders in 3-4 meter depth.

What a Fish

What looked like a huge Garrick with a pointed snout in the distance came swimming in my direction and materialized into the biggest King Mackerel I have ever seen in the shallows! - The fish glided past me as I held my breath in anticipation lying dead still on the surface and I paced up behind it as it was moving away and got a reasonably good shot into the centre of it where after it kicked down at high speed in typical cuda fashion swimming on its side with my spear bowing under the strain trailing my second gun, only 10 meters of buoy line, buoy and bug bag spinning behind it.

Hoping for Second Shot

First run was about 100 meters, taking the buoy under like a cork, I caught up to my bouy and swam up the buoy line to get to grips with my second gun before the fish could compose itself - a big pull followed with the buoy and bug bag snagging around my foot. "pop" - cuda bust the spear off under the strain ! Well, it was a good fish - no smaller than 25 kilo’s - shot and lost. Just hope I have another opportunity this winter season. A couple of garrick and snoek knocking about but otherwise it’s quiet down south.

Cheers Darrell