Aliwal Shoal Report October 2007 - Basie Ackerman

General conditions

Things have started to look up since last month. Still getting big fronts moving up from the Cape, and the start of the summer high pressure easterlies, but conditions in the water are improving. We had a couple of days where the magic switch was thrown, the north south current, and the fish were there. The visibility also reached 20m on a couple of days, with a slight taste of Mozambique water moving in. Temperatures still stayed in the 22-23 degrees Celsius range though, so the summer water is not there yet.


The Yellowfin tuna have been ever present, with Mark van Achterberg landing a beaut of 48.4 kg. Nice fish! Emil Pirzenthal also managed a healthy specimen of 27kg’s, with quite a few in the 8-10kg’s range coming out on the fishing boats.

Emil also reported seeing 20kg+ poensies off the inside edge and landing a few Kaakap in the 6kg range.  A lot of small Sangoras were also landed.

Shane Oberholzer lost an approximately 30 kg Wahoo to 4 sharks and I’m not talking about the rugby playing kind.  He also managed the first cuda of the season of 8 kg.  I had an unconfirmed report of another spearo boat landing quite a few cuda towards the end of the month, but it might just be the famous morphing of a fisherman’s tale as it travels through the grapevine. Not saying this one is not true, but I often stand amused at the stories I hear of events happening on the Shoal and the amount and size of fish coming out, when I happened to be around the action on that particular day, and how these stories grow in leaps and bounds. I guess that is just our enthusiasm and passion for our sport. Can’t fault that.

Alistair Louw and Tim Sluis-Cremer had a pre-season practice run at shooting Wahoo, as they lost and chased some on the 14th, in 15m visibility and north south current. They also saw a big Sailfish, but it wasn’t interested. Wise move.

Graham Carlisle and the “C Boys” managed a few Kaakap and reported having a chance at a big Marlin off Cathedral, but it was not to be. Gerhard Vosloo also landed a fair sized Salmon on the Nebo, with reports of a lot of them around on the wrecks. Just remember the Produce is a Crown Area.

Even though we had a lot of rain this month, with rough seas and big winds, the action is slowly picking up. November should be interesting, especially with the arrival of the Ignobilis as well.