Aliwal Shoal Report May 2008 - Basie Ackermann

General conditions

The first two weeks the south north current played king of the dung heap, but was eventually toppled by a more consistent north south current from the 18th onwards. Visibility during the reverse current was mostly good, but for the majority of north south days, it was crap. Don’t know if that is allowable in a report or whether it is deemed an inappropriate word, but it is the most descriptive. Green dark water of 6-8metres, with secondary effluent and upwelling from the easterlies all mixed in the blend of true Aliwal Rum. Lovely stuff. Temperatures dropped from 23 to 21 degrees Celsius during the course of the month.


With all the expectations with May being peak Wahoo month, and the overall good Wahoo season so far, it was a let down, mostly due to unfavourable diving conditions.  Don’t get me wrong, on the diveable days, some solid action was encountered, with a few good fish coming out. I’ve heard Guyla Plaganyi getting some Wahoo even on the reverse current earlier on in the month. On the 18th everything snapped into place. Blue Mozambique water, north south current and 20m viz appeared overnight. Just to be a memory again the very next day.  Only guys out were Emil Pirzenthal, Shane “Sitting Bull” Oberholzer and two crew. Whack whack whack.

Both agreed that was the most Wahoo they had seen in a very long time. Shoals of 40s and 50s every where. They all went into overdrive and ended up with 9 Wahoo all in the 15-23kg range. That is a good bag in anyone’s book. The ones lost and chased exceeded that.

The 23rd to 25th also provided action, with Jugs Holzman landing a 33.5kg Sailfish, and catching a18.5kg Wahoo on rod.

Colin Townsend managed a beaut Wahoo of 31 kg the next day. The story apparently was that he shot it from the surface. The Wahoo had a suicide note attached to its back, so he obliged. Much to the annoyance of Len De Beer, who received an impolite finger gesture as it passed him. Not from the Wahoo, but from a very chaffed Colin in tow. Although I’m sure the Wahoo would have given Colin one if it could. I also heard unconfirmed reports of a couple of cuda coming out that day.

That night was Len’s **th birthday party (to protect myself from his wrath), and despite lots of calls received for a report on conditions for the next day, no one showed.  Heavy night guys? Exception was Jugs Holzman, who bagged another two Wahoo of 25 and 13.5kgs respectively.  Well done.

Happy hunting.
Basie Ackermann