Aliwal Shoal Report December 2010 - Basie Ackermann

General conditions

Three things sum up the December we’ve had here:
Rain, Dorado and Vaalies.
Hey, one out of three is not bad. Which one you reckon the good one is, depends on what you are, who you are or where you are when reading this.

I choose Dorado. Just like the other two they were everywhere, everyday, they came right up to you, surrounded you and looked at you strangely. Ok maybe not the rain. Why you ask – because the rain can’t look at you, - oh man, have I got you AGAIN as a reader.  Thought I got rid of you last month. Obviously not.

The rain came down in buckets, (only one case of a cracked skull) the Vaalies in cars with buckets (and spades, and “boogie boards” and umbrellas, and a big supply of fake Crocs and blue rugby shorts – and I mean shorts), and the Dorado ended up in buckets before being cleaned. No No No – I’m not saying they were dirty. Please leave and go and read something else that is more in line with your abilities – like a roll of toilet paper. Remember to read both sides.
The rain turned blue skies grey, brown grass green, Dorado turned from yellow to blue to grey, and the Vaalies from brilliant white to bright red.
Ok, enough of all this.

We’ve had some settled seas, light winds and healthy water temperatures of 24-26 degrees Celsius. Lots of north south current, and days of exceptional visibility. Unfortunately quite a few of those days were ruined by Sappi’s industrial outfall, making it undiveable.

There has been good visibility of up to 30metres on certain days, especially between the 26th to the 30th, and an average 12-15metres for the month. Catch was, it was fickle. It changed within a couple of hours and always seemingly for the worse. Bit of a potluck situation, but when you’ve hit it right, you got fish.


El Dorado is not some mystical place, it was this stretch of coast this December.

Lots of them and some decent sizes too. Anything from 6-12 kilograms. Everyone in on the action – spearos, skiboat, jetski and fishing ski fishermen. That sentence sounds wrong, but so what. This is not school or university. I can write things the way I want. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Too late, you already have.

In the first week some cuda came out on jetskis and skiboats. Apparently they all had a tough time reaching the controls with their pectoral fins – too short. See the problem here?

Some more Dorado and Sailfish were caught on the 11th and 12th, and Frankie Oberholzer and Garth boated a good bag of 8 Dorado, some Yellowfin Tuna and a 101kilogram Black Marlin fishing off  their boat on the 15th.

Heard on the 21st, 22 Dorado was boated off a skiboat, and 8 off another. Not on Aliwal though, but in the area. Of South Africa. J
 Hey, if you can’t guess where that is  (not the country, Colin Clueless, the fishing spot  -  Please LEAVE and go read that toilet roll)  you are obviously not familiar with this area, so why are you reading this report then! Are you related to Colin??  

Wahoo were a little scarce, but a couple of smaller ones in the 8-10kg range did end up in someone’s digestive tract. Joined by Sea pike and the odd Kaakap.

On the 27th though I heard Shane Strong shot a 27kg Wahoo. Nice fish.

The Ignobilis were coming out in dribs and drabs, and there were quite a few Sangoras and Yellowtail Kingfish that in the end joined the Christmas lunch or New Year’s braai meat in the Metro/ Council’s  Sewerage Plant. 
Colin, you should try spearing there. Visibility might suck, but there are obviously fish there…


So all and all a good month for fish. Well not so good for them, good for us who kill them for sport. Sounds harsh, doesn’t it?
Guess I can now expect the Tree huggers and Butterfly strokers to jump out of their chairs, pushing away the plate they just had their healthy meal of fish on, to shout obscenities at me.

Enjoy our Oceans!
Basie Ackermann