Aliwal Shoal Report August 2009 - Basie Ackermann

Oh Gust! My goeie magtag.

I was sitting at the beach and I saw Margate come flying past me, trailing a couple of cars, a semi (talking about a truck here) and a Metro train, complete with conductor. Knowing what month this is, I wasn’t too worried, because I knew the next day it will be blown back down south again. And it was, followed by Richards Bay. This time round, I must admit, Margate looked a bit worse for wear, and the conductor was missing. The next day Richards Bay tumbled back north again, and so on. You get what I am getting at. That week of the 16th to the 22nd we had the joy of 40knot plus winds day and night, with a switch on the 19th in the other direction.

Water temperatures dropped right down to 17 degrees Celsius, with the average being around 20 degrees. The current was predominantly south north, with the majority of north south days being blown out. Visibility generally good, ranging from 8-20metres.


This is going to be short. Not too many spearos out there, with the only fish worth mentioning that came out on the Shoal being Emil Pirzenthal’s beaut 18kg Pignose Grunter on the 16th, (just before the big east came). The other was Darryl Kemp’s Wahoo in the 18kg range on the long weekend. Good shoals of Salmon have been frequenting their popular hang outs, and some Tuna have been caught of boats fishing. That was that.

Worth mentioning is the fact that the “return” sardine run this year beat the up run hands down. That would be primarily due to the fact that the water temperature has dropped. If only we could have had this cold water a month ago… Lots of pockets sighted towards the end of the month and lots of netting done in the first week of September. Mostly Garrick on these shoals though, with no sign of cuda and only a few snoek. No birds no sharks no dolphins. The seine netters are smiling. The rest of us are literally waiting for better weather.

Enjoy our Oceans,