Aliwal Shoal Report August 2010 - Basie Ackermann

General conditions

Here is a hint to how this month panned out:

9 big westerly cold fronts, 30 knots plus.
11 days of pumping east, 25 knots plus.
6 days of no, or light wind.
5 days with left over east or west from the mayhem the day before, 12-15knots.

9 days of surface-foaming, foul-smelling black filth from Sappi Saiccor’s effluent pipeline. This mostly in the first part of the month, when they were “fixing” the huge leak which has been there for months and months. The cheapest option, boys, the cheapest option.

Visibility started at 4m, and best was 12m, but the average was 6-8m and dark green.

Temperature in the water anything from 16 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Surprising amount of north south current, more so than reverse, but either ruined by Sappi or the weather, or a lethal combination.


Ja right. With what you’ve just read? Be realistic.

Some Salmon and Grunter have been coming out on the wrecks and Pipe on the couple of diveable days.

Point worth mentioning is that a Great White has been seen twice by bubble blowers on the Inside Edge in the last week of the month.


So we wait. For he White to leave and the weather to improve.
Happy hibernation.

Enjoy our oceans!
Basie Ackermann