Aliwal Shoal Report September 2010 - Basie Ackermann

General conditions

If months could be made human, August and September would be the Butt Ugly Twins, full of wind, tempestuous, annoying and every parent’s nightmare. No manners, ill behaved and irritating. No chance they will ever find someone to marry them. Ever.

But seeing that they are just names for certain periods of the year bestowed upon us by the mighty Romans, it is not their fault. But they still suck. Lemons.

East west east west east west east west east west hey feel free to stop me anytime you feel you finally get the message.  And you, you mustn’t feel embarrassed that you only stopped me now when everyone else stopped me after the fourth word, every village must have an idiot. And your mama loves you. I think .Unless you were actually, in this case, named August or September, like “Savannah”, “Summer”, “Sky” or some butterfly kissing name…
No offense intended to those of you with these names, not your fault. Blame lies with the previous generation.
Where am I going with this?

Water temperature ranged from 20 to 23 degrees Celsius, and the current was mostly reverse, with a couple of days of North South. Not too many of them coinciding with diveable conditions.
Visibility was at worst 6m and at best 20m. Mostly in the 10-12m range, so quite fair.


As you probably gathered from the conditions, not much to report.  On the right days I am sure the fish were there, but it just wasn’t diveable. 

The jet ski fans (I said jet ski, not jet lee) landed some Yellowfin tuna and Sailfish.
We managed to fool the Ugly Twins by sneaking out there on the 14th, and saw shoals of Sailies. So if you want one, Aliwal has them. Tim Sluis- Kremer landed one of 44kg that day, with Gerhard Vosloo boating two Wahoo and Alistair Louw getting a Wahoo out of a big shoal, all sub twenty. The Wahoo are definitely around, and some donkeys too, but very wary.
For those of you actually battling with the concept of donkeys swimming out at sea and not drowning, focus.

Jaco Blighnaut and Ferdie Burger have been getting some good Salmon( 15-40kgs) on the Nebo and the Pipeline, and of course catch of the month goes to Barry “Boris” Skinstad for his 55kg Dagga.

Once again for those special few, stay with me here, this is a Salmon, not that stuff you have hidden in your cupboard.
Explains a lot, come to think of it. 

Enjoy our oceans!
Basie Ackermann