16.8kg Kaakap shot at Sodwana Bay - Report by Otto (Noek) Theron

Otto Theron with a 16.5kg kaakap shot at Sodwana bay. This is quite a bit bigger than the current SA recordOn Saturday morning, 18 February 2005, we left Durban to spend a diving-week at Sodwana. On arrival the northeast was pounding. We set up camp and in anticipation of better conditions on Sunday, we checked and adjusted our guns and other equipment.

During the course of Saturday evening the wind dropped and when we launched at 06:00 on Sunday the sea was flat and glassy. Perfect conditions for two dive-hungry spearos! We shot a few Cuda at 7-mile and then went up to 9-mile. The Sharks and Brindle Bass ate all the fish that were shot - we were heavily taxed!! The wind turned southeast and the sea started picking up and we headed back to the beach.

The following three days, we launched despite westerly winds and some rain. We did not see any Cuda but shot a small Kaakap and a few Kingies.

Thursday, 24 February, we dived at the hotspots in the morning and afternoon. The viz was bad inshore, about 4 - 6 meters. Shot a Pike, Cuda, small Kaakap and a King.

Friday, flat, glassy sea, we launched at 05:00, went to Canyons and drifted over the hotspots. Then we found the baitfish and a lot of action on the bottom. Dicky Waite shot two nice Cuda. On the second drift I shot a Kaakap of 16.8 kgs. My holiday was made!! After a few more drifts we returned to the beach.

Conditions were once again perfect on Saturday, but could not launch as we had to break up camp and come home.

Otto Theron