Ignoblis 44.5kg — Tim Theunissen


I shot this fish whilst shore diving with Toshack Bell in 1992. We were coming in from our dive where we had swum far off Banganek Point – Kosi Bay. The water was warm and crystal and the waves were lapping up against the shallow, in-shore ledges. I was keen to swim ashore, but Tosh, the optimist that he was convinced me to stay another 5 minutes, as "this was where you find big Iggys!" I reluctantly bobbed up and down behind the shore break. I noticed a rapid movement of a huge grey shape disappear into the white water. I dropped into a pothole type formation in the rock in an ambushing position, my spear pointing in the direction of the movement. He came out of the white water as quickly as it went in. I fired before even comprehending the size of the fish. As if caught in time, it just dropped, its momentum propelling the lovely fish towards me. I pulled the fish up, stone dead, and swam towards Tosh, who couldn’t believe my luck. The fish guts contained 16 baby loggerhead turtles and a Stumpnose of around 1.5kg

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