27kg Wahoo — Mark Keyser


Wahoo day at Leven Point by Mark Keyser

Easily a day that could never happen to me again. We got up there, in slightly reverse current but very clean, at 6:30 but only saw my first one at 8am. The first one I shot was a single. I thought was about 15kgs. The 2nd and 3 rd were in shoals of about 15-20. Some were on my flasher some were on the surface. The big one I shot (spined) after shooting and missing twice, did not even bother setting my gut. 2 enormous Wahoo were following the 27kg one about 8m in front of me as it limped forward. Estimate easily 35kgs( clearly much larger than the spined one). I tried to get Grant who was on bakkie in to shoot them but they then moved off. Saw some singles later that I missed........ could easily have had 4 or 5! We left at 11am. Typical Leven, did not see any again that weekend even though we had N-S current.

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