Prodigal Son - Cobia 29kg —Alistair Louw


Prodigal was 29kg, was shot at Umdoni point, and gave me a serious hiding! First I completely missed the fish; second shot was a decent holding shot on the back of the head! I put serious pressure on him so that he didn’t swim around the whale shark he was with, first attempt at landing him was very unsuccessful, when I grabbed it I realized how big and strong it was, it rammed me in the groin and shot to the bottom again! The next attempt at landing it found me grabbing it on the tail and as I was running my hand to the spear it gave an almighty kick and dislodged the spear, and swam straight to the bottom again, this time it swam off very slowly. I managed to reload my bent spear swim down hard and luckily get another shot in.

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