Yellowtail 21.6kg — Anthony Dunne


I was shore diving an area inside of a large offshore submerged rock in about 8m of water off the south coast of Natal in South Africa. The water was around 6-7m visibility and I had earlier shot a local snapper type fish called a Musselcracker of around 10kg. Soon after a small shoal of 'Tail came through below me from inshore going out to sea, I was lucky enough to kill one of 18kg outright. A few minutes later another shoal heading the same way came past - I tried to do the same thing with the biggest I could see but the shot was little high and I was dragged around for a while! I held on and fought it really hard as the surf was up a bit and I didn't feel like being dragged up onto the rocks at the moment. It was a Provincial record and had I known it beforehand I would have fought it a little more tactfully!

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